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News-Ticker: *** T3 Equipts only as drop from Job Uniques in Job Temple (Selket, Neith, Anubis, Isis). ***
*** Every Sunday from 18:00 to 22:00 (Server Time) there is a 10% discount on the Silk prices. ***
Welcome to Play Ciryon 2021
News & Updates
New Play Ciryon Official X-Mas Trailer 2021! posted by Admin at 02-12-21 | Comments (1)

Don't miss the miracle of Play Ciryon and join in !!!!!
Merry Christmas!

Play Ciryon X-MAS Trailer 2021:

GM Ciryon

New Server Update Version 1.193! Merry Christmas! posted by Admin at 27-11-21 | Comments (1)
Server Update Version 1.193!
01. Add X-Mas Decoration.
02. Add 1 new Dress in Ciryon Shop.
03. Add 1 new Grap Pet in Ciryons Shop.
04. Add 2 new Attack Pets in Ciryons Shop.
05. Add T3 Equip Drop Items only on Job Uniques.
     - Selket
     - Neith
     - Anubis
     - Isis
06. Opening Devils Garden Area.
07. Add Flame Mountain Dimension Hole in Ciryon Other Shop.
08. Opening Forgotten World: Flame Mountain.
09. Add 3 New Uniques in Devils Garden.
     - The Launatune
     - Venefica
     - Venefica Demon
10. Add 2 New Uniques in the Worldmap.
     - Mustafa
     - Bad Santa
11. Add 1 New Unique in Holy Water Temple.
     - Ciryons Corona Beast
12. Magic POP Rates now Higher.
13. Changed Battle Arena from Flag to Score Event.
14. Database Backup.
15. Security Patch.
All Information you will find on Website.
FAQ & INFO (Some Q&A)
GM Ciryon

Old It is nearly time! posted by Admin at 20-11-21 | Comments (1)

It is nearly time!

Only 1 week until the big update appears.
There will be a lot of new things such as:

Christmas decoration,
Attack Pets,
Grab Pets,
and much more.

So, look forward to 27.11.2021!

GM Ciryon

Old Biggest Update! posted by Admin at 17-11-21 | Comments (1)

Be curious about 27.11.2021, because there will be the biggest update that Play Ciryon brings out.

GM Ciryon

Old Server Update Ver. 1.192! posted by Admin at 06-11-21 | Comments (1)

Server Update Ver. 1.192!

1. Double Event is now over.
2. Fixed some Bugs.
3. Database Backup.
4. Security Patch.

GM Ciryon

Old Server Update and Inspection! posted by Admin at 30-10-21 | Comments (1)

Server Update and Inspection!

1. Double Event started.
( 30.10.2021 - 06.11.2021 )

- Experience rate: ( 7x ) now 14x
- Party Experience rate: ( 10x ) now 20x
- Gold drop coeficent: ( 1x ) now 2x
- Item drop coeficent: ( 1x ) now 2x

2. Database Backup.
3. Security Patch.

GM Ciryon

Old Server Update and Inspection! posted by Admin at 23-10-21 | Comments (1)

Server Update and Inspection!

1. Add Unique Khulood.
2. Database Backup.
3. Security Patch.

GM Ciryon

Old Server Update Ver. 1.191! posted by Admin at 16-10-21 | Comments (1)

Server Update Ver. 1.191!

1. Add Unique Karkadann lvl 100 (Worldmap).
2. Add new Dance Action Emoticons.
3. Add 3 New Dresses.
4. Changed Start Gold from 1 Mio to 10 Mio for new Character.
5. Add Start Grab Pet for new Character.
6. Add all Players Grab Pet (3 Days) to Inventory.
7. Add 4D-9D STR & INT Stone in Ciryons Other Shop.
8. Security Patch
9. Database Backup

GM Ciryon

Old Server Update Ver. 1.190! posted by Admin at 09-10-21 | Comments (1)

Server Update Ver. 1.190!

1. Holy Water Temple now Open!
2. Add all Dresses, Hat and Attach in ITEM MALL.
3. Add all Attack Pets in ITEM MALL.
4. Add all Grab Pets in ITEM MALL.
5. Add all Dresses, Hat and Attach in Ciryons Avatar Shop.
6. Add all Fellow Pets in Ciryons Pet Shop.
7. Add all Grab Pets in Ciryons Pet Shop.

GM Ciryon

Old 10% Silk Discount! posted by Admin at 03-10-21 | Comments (1)

Hello Ciryon Community,

Every Sunday will be a Silk discount.
Between 18:00 and 22:00 Server Time.
There is a 10% discount on the Silk prices.
Don't miss your chance!

GM Ciryon

Old Server Update and Inspection! posted by Admin at 02-10-21 | Comments (1)

Server Update and Inspection!

Add Unique Light Spirit.
Add Unique Dark Spirit.
This Uniques Spawns in The Worldmap.


GM Ciryon

Old ElitePvP Thread now Online! posted by Admin at 22-09-21 | Comments (1)

If you not see all Pictures than disable your PopUp Blocker!

GM Ciryon

Old Play Ciryon 2021 Official Trailer! posted by Admin at 20-09-21 | Comments (1)

Play Ciryon 2021 Official Trailer!

GM Ciryon

Old OPEN BETA! posted by Admin at 17-09-21 | Comments (1)

Information about the OPEN BETA day (17.09.2021).

BETA Time: 17.09.2021 - 20.09.2021

Registration on Website: 18:00 Server Time
Download Client on Website: 18:00 Server Time
Start OPEN BETA LIVE: 20:00 Server Time

As soon as you have created a character you will automatically receive:

01. Full SOS set
02. lvl 100
03. 50,000 silks
04. 20,000,000 skill points
05. 500,000,000,000 gold
06. 297 stat points
07. 2x500 Weapon Elixir
08. 2x500 Protector Elixir
09. 2x500 Shield Elixir
10. 2x500 Accessory Elixir

We are happy about every won player and wish you a lot of fun on the Play Ciryon server !!!

GM Ciryon

Old Hello and Welcome! posted by Admin at 03-09-21 | Comments (1)

Welcome to Play Ciryon!

Open Beta: 17.09.2021
Grand Opening: 24.09.2021

Nice that you're there!

How did we think about what else we can do for you so that you can have even more fun at Play Ciryon!

There are lots of PServers out there and lots of rumors about them.
Servers open and close again after a short time, for example a week or 1 to 2 months, especially after you donate.
It is a pure rip off.
Unfortunately this happens very often. That is the reason why the Silkroad game has also lost so many players in the last few years.
We are not like that, we have a different idea of ??our Play Ciryon.

1. We have a long term game here.
2. The system has been revised and is based on Team Play and Play2Win.
3. The bot time is no longer rewarded with Silks, but of course still with SOX and items drops.

You are wondering if we won't give you any more free silks?
You now get the free silks for active play much more than before.

Information on the Homepage under Q&A.

Elite Thread is on the way!

GM Ciryon

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Server Time: 
Server Status:
Experience rate: 7x
Party Experience rate: 10x
Gold drop coeficent: 1x
Item drop coeficent: 1x

Server is Online !
Ciryon´s Event Schedule:
Server Inspection:
Every Saturday 13:00

Next Inspection: loading timer...
Fortress Jangan:
Every Sunday 19:30 - 21:00

Next Fortress: loading timer...
Selket & Neith Spawn:
00:30, 06:30, 12:30, 18:30

Next Spawns: loading timer...
Anubis & Isis Spawn:
03:30, 09:30, 15:30, 21:30

Next Spawns: loading timer...
Special Trade:
00:00, 03:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00

Next Event: loading timer...
Battle Arena:
03:30, 07:30, 11:30, 15:30, 19:30, 23:30

Next Event: loading timer...
Randomly start one of the Events every 1 Hour:
Re-type, Trivia, Lucky Staller, Alchemy, First Type,
Longest Online Player, Math, Lucky Party Number and Survival Arena
Ciryon´s Server Info:
Server Status: MEDIUM
Bots: Allowed
Coin System: Yes
Level Cap: 100
CH Mastery: 400
EU Mastery: 200
Upgrade System: No
China Balance Skill Buff: Yes
Equip: 10D
Auto Equip: No
SOS Weapons Hotan NPC: Yes
Play2Win: YES
Experience rate: 7x
Party Experience rate: 10x
Gold Drop rate: 1x
Item Drop rate: 1x
SOX Drop rate: 1x
PK Mode: Deactivated
Magic POP Rate: 1x
PLUS Notice: +6 to +11
Guild Limit: 24
Union Limit: 2
Plus Limit Equip: +9 (with ADV-B +11)
Plus Limit Devil´s Spirit: +9
Alchemy Rate: Custom
Honor Buff´s: Yes
Academy: Deactivated
Fortress: Jangan (Every Sunday 19:30 - 21:00)
Fortress Register: (Everydays 12:00 - 21:00)
Town Alexandria: Closed
Capure the Flag: Will be opened in an update.
Battle Arena (Score): Open
Jangan Cave: Closed
Kings Valley: Open
Storm and Cloud Desert: Open
Job Temple: Open (HWID 1)
Forgotten World Shipwreck: Open (HWID 1)
Forgotten World Flame Mountain: Open (HWID 1)
Holy Water Temple: Open (HWID 2)
Devil´s Garden: Open
Arabian Petra: Will be opened in an update.
Arabian Coast: Will be opened in an update.
Survival Colosseum Arena: Open
Survival Desert Arena: Will be opened in an update.
Unique Arena: Open
Job / Trading: Old School (HWID 1)
Custom Avatars: Yes
Custom Fellow Pets: Yes
Custom Grab Pets: Yes
Custom Uniques: Yes
Custom Action Emoticons: Yes
Silk Scrolls: Yes
Title Scrolls: Yes
Emoji Skills: Yes
IP Limit: 2
HWID Limit: 2
Wing Bless: Yes
Silk per Hour: No
Start Inventory Slots: 55
Silk Reward by killing Uniques: Yes (15 Silks - 50 Silks)
Model Switcher: (1D - 15D) Only SOX Weapons 10D
- Math
- Trivia
- Re-type
- Fortress
- Alchemy
- First Type
- Battle Arena
- Lucky Staller
- Special Trade
- Survival Arena
- Lucky Party Number
- Longest Online Players
SOX Counter:
D10 155 26 0
Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: Phantasia Tax: 10%

Rules in the Fortress War:

- Disable Blackres in the Fortress.
- Disable Clientless Bots inside Fortress.
- Disable Ressurection Scroll inside Fortress.
- Entry is Only with ONE Character per PC (HWID 1).
Rules on Job Mode:
- HWID 1.
- Disable Ressurection Scroll.
- Disable Reserve Return Scroll.
- Disable Fellow Pets on Job Suite.
- Disable Goods Drop inside Towns.
- No Silk Reward for Unique kills with Job Suite.
- No Silk Reward for Auto Events with Job Suite.
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