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Welcome to Play Ciryon 2022
Char Name Status Image Item Name Type Level Plus Value
xTheHmmNot EquippedBlack Tiger Bone Shield Normal9412+(2) ADV
HazeLEquippedBlood Poison Horn SpearNormal9410
Poison Horn Spear Ciryons Moon9012+(2) ADV
Poison Horn Spear Ciryons Moon9012+(2) ADV
HemiEquippedWhite Tiger Bone ShieldNormal989
Tiger's Eye Necklace Ciryons Moon9211+(2) ADV
Witacheon Coronet Ciryons Star9110+(1) ADV
Break Heaven Sword Ciryons Moon9011+(2) ADV
Ye's Divine Bow Ciryons Moon9011+(2) ADV
painzorEquippedKing Taesang SuitNormal10010+(2) ADV
gangerbangEquippedShine Tiger's Eye NecklaceNormal10010+(2) ADV
NoViKEquippedKing Taesang SuitNormal1008
painzorEquippedKing Taesang ShoesNormal9910+(2) ADV
gangerbangEquippedKing Taesang WristletNormal9810+(2) ADV
ohneejohEquippedDivine Witacheon GloveNormal9810+(2) ADV
xTheShotEquippedLord Taesang TrousersNormal968
JigEquippedLuster Tiger's Eye NecklaceNormal968
JigEquippedLuster Tiger's Eye EarringNormal959+(1) ADV
UniqueEquippedLord Taesang ShoesNormal958
xTheShotEquippedLord Taesang ShoesNormal958
ohjahjohNot EquippedBlack Tiger Bone Shield Normal9410+(2) ADV
FREYAEquippedBlack Tiger Bone Shield Normal949+(1) ADV
OutstriderEquippedAncient Break Heaven SwordNormal949+(1) ADV
Taesang Suit Ciryons Moon9210+(2) ADV
Taesang Suit Ciryons Moon9210+(2) ADV
Taesang Trousers Ciryons Moon9210+(2) ADV
Tiger's Eye Necklace Ciryons Moon9210+(2) ADV
Taesang Trousers Ciryons Moon928
Taesang Hood Ciryons Moon9110+(2) ADV
Tiger's Eye Earring Ciryons Moon9110+(2) ADV
Taesang Shoes Ciryons Moon918
Taesang Hat Ciryons Moon918
Taesang Hood Ciryons Star9110+(2) ADV
Taesang Shoes Ciryons Star918
Taesang Wristlet Ciryons Moon9010+(2) ADV
Taesang Talisman Ciryons Moon9010+(2) ADV
Tiger's Eye Ring Ciryons Moon9010+(2) ADV
Tiger Bone Shield Ciryons Moon9010+(2) ADV
Ye's Divine Bow Ciryons Moon9010+(2) ADV
Taesang Talisman Ciryons Moon908
Taesang Wristlet Ciryons Moon908
Break Heaven Sword Ciryons Star909+(1) ADV
Break Heaven Sword Ciryons Star909+(1) ADV
ohneejohEquippedDivine Witacheon TassetNormal1009+(2) ADV
ohneejohEquippedDivine Witacheon LamellarNormal1009+(2) ADV
NoViKEquippedKing Taesang TrousersNormal1009+(2) ADV
painzorEquippedKing Taesang TrousersNormal1009+(2) ADV
gangerbangEquippedKing Taesang SuitNormal1009+(2) ADV
ohneejohEquippedShine Tiger's Eye NecklaceNormal1009+(2) ADV
Gohan_EquippedDivine Witacheon TassetNormal1008+(1) ADV
GongiEquippedShine Tiger's Eye NecklaceNormal1008+(1) ADV
FREYAEquippedShine Tiger's Eye NecklaceNormal1008+(1) ADV
Gohan_EquippedShine Tiger's Eye NecklaceNormal1008+(1) ADV
TeseyEquippedKing Taesang SuitNormal1007
GongiEquippedDivine Witacheon TassetNormal1007
xTheShotEquippedShine Tiger's Eye NecklaceNormal1007
ohneejohEquippedDivine Witacheon BootsNormal999+(2) ADV
gangerbangEquippedKing Taesang ShoesNormal999+(2) ADV
ohneejohEquippedShine Tiger's Eye EarringNormal999+(2) ADV
gangerbangEquippedShine Tiger's Eye EarringNormal999+(2) ADV
GongiEquippedShine Tiger's Eye EarringNormal998+(1) ADV
NoViKEquippedShine Tiger's Eye EarringNormal998+(1) ADV
NoViKEquippedKing Taesang ShoesNormal997
xTheShotEquippedShine Tiger's Eye EarringNormal997
ohneejohEquippedDivine Witacheon ShellNormal989+(2) ADV
Gohan_EquippedLegendary Break Heaven SwordNormal989+(2) ADV
SanchesEquippedFerocious Giant Barbaric Sword Normal989+(2) ADV
painzorEquippedKing Taesang TalismanNormal989+(2) ADV
gangerbangEquippedKing Taesang TalismanNormal989+(2) ADV
gangerbangEquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal989+(2) ADV
ohneejohEquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal989+(2) ADV
gangerbangEquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal989+(2) ADV
NoViKEquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal989+(2) ADV
ohneejohEquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal989+(2) ADV
GongiNot EquippedWhite Tiger Bone ShieldNormal988+(1) ADV
NoViKEquippedKing Taesang WristletNormal988+(1) ADV
GongiEquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal988+(1) ADV
NoViKEquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal988+(1) ADV
NoViKEquippedKing Taesang TalismanNormal987
GongiEquippedDivine Witacheon ShellNormal987
GongiEquippedDivine Witacheon GloveNormal987
Gohan_EquippedDivine Witacheon ShellNormal987
xTheKekEquippedFerocious Giant Barbaric Sword Normal987
xTheCrackEquippedVenom Poison Horn SpearNormal987
xTheLittleEquippedVenom Poison Horn SpearNormal987
PANDORAEquippedKing Taesang WristletNormal987
xTheShotEquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal987
xTheShotEquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal987
zalweljohEquippedLord Taesang TrousersNormal968+(1) ADV
_ELLA_EquippedLord Taesang TrousersNormal968+(1) ADV
zalweljohEquippedLord Taesang SuitNormal968+(1) ADV
zalweljohEquippedLuster Tiger's Eye NecklaceNormal968+(1) ADV
JigEquippedLord Taesang SuitNormal967
xTheShotEquippedLord Taesang SuitNormal967
reYEquippedLord Taesang SuitNormal967
SylEquippedLord Taesang SuitNormal967
SaddyEquippedLord Taesang SuitNormal967
SaddyEquippedLord Taesang TrousersNormal967
FontenotEquippedLord Taesang SuitNormal967
reYEquippedLuster Tiger's Eye NecklaceNormal967

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Server Time:
Server Status:
Players Online: 1 / 1000

IP Limit: 6
PC Limit: 6

Silk per Hour: Yes (Every 3 Hour = 1 Silk)

Skill Points rate: 5x
Experience rate: 10x
Party Experience rate: 15x
Gold drop coeficent: 1.5x
Item drop coeficent: 1.5x

Party Monster Appears: 5+ Members in PT

Server is Online !
Name Rank Status
Gongi Supporter Offline
ohjahjoh Streamer Offline
Ciryon´s Event Schedule:
Server Inspection:
Every Saturday 10:00

Next Inspection: loading timer...
Fortress Jangan:
Every Sunday 19:30 - 21:00

Next Fortress: loading timer...
Selket & Neith Spawn:
00:30, 06:30, 12:30, 18:30

Next Spawns: loading timer...
Anubis & Isis Spawn:
03:30, 09:30, 15:30, 21:30

Next Spawns: loading timer...
Special Trade:
00:00, 03:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00

Next Event: loading timer...
Battle Arena Score:
03:30, 07:30, 11:30, 15:30, 19:30, 23:30

Next Event: loading timer...
Randomly start one of the Events every 1 Hour:
Re-type, Trivia, Lucky Staller, Alchemy, First Type,
Longest Online Player, Math, Lucky Party Number and Survival Arena
Ciryon´s Server Info:
Server Status: MEDIUM
IP Limit: 6
HWID Limit: 6
Bots: Allowed
Party Monster Appears: 5+ Members in PT.
Coin System: Yes
RACE: Only China
Level Cap: 100
CH Mastery: 400
Upgrade System: No
China Balance Skill Buff: Yes
Equip: 10D
Auto Equip: No
SOS 7D - 9D Weapons Hotan NPC: Yes
Magic Stones 4D - 9D at Ciryon Shop NPC: Yes
Play2Win: YES
Skill Points rate: 5x
Experience rate: 10x
Party Experience rate: 15x
Gold Drop rate: 1.5x
Item Drop rate: 1.5x
SOX Drop rate: Custom
PK Mode: Deactivated
Magic POP Rate: Custom
Guild Limit: 24
Union Limit: 2
Plus Limit Equip: +10 (with ADV-B +12)
Plus Limit Devil´s Spirit: +10
PLUS Notice: +6 to +12 (With ADV from +8 to +12)
Alchemy Rate: Custom
Honor Buff´s: Yes (Shop)
Academy: Deactivated
Fortress: Jangan (Every Sunday 19:30 - 21:00)
Fortress Register: (Everydays 12:00 - 21:00)
Town Alexandria: Closed
Capure the Flag: Will be opened in an update.
Battle Arena (Score): Open
Jangan Cave: Closed
Kings Valley: Open
Storm and Cloud Desert: Open
Job Temple: Open (HWID 1)
Forgotten World Shipwreck: Open (HWID 2)
Holy Water Temple: Closed
Devil´s Garden: Open
Arabian Petra: Open
Arabian Coast: Open (Only Unique Bone ROC)
Survival Colosseum Arena: Open
Survival Desert Arena: Open
Unique Arena: Open
Job / Trading: Old School (HWID 1)
Custom Avatars: Yes
Custom Fellow Pets: Yes
Custom Grab Pets: Yes
Custom Uniques: Yes
Custom Action Emoticons: Yes
Silk Scrolls: Yes
Title Scrolls: Yes
Emoji Skills: Yes
Wing Bless: Yes
Silk per Hour: Yes (Every 3 Hour = 1 Silk)
Start Inventory Slots: 55
Model Switcher: (1D - 15D) Only SOX Weapons 10D
- Math
- Trivia
- Re-type
- Fortress
- Alchemy
- First Type
- Battle Arena
- Lucky Staller
- Special Trade
- Survival Arena
- Lucky Party Number
- Longest Online Players
SOX Counter:
10D 1107 83 2
Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: Phantasia Tax: 10%

Fortress Registration:

- Everydays 12:00 - 21:00

Rules in the Fortress War:

- Disable Blackres in the Fortress.
- Disable Clientless Bots inside Fortress.
- Disable Ressurection Scroll inside Fortress.
- Entry is Only with ONE Character per PC (HWID 1).
Rules on Job Mode:
- HWID 1.
- Disable Ressurection Scroll.
- Disable Reserve Return Scroll.
- Disable Fellow Pets on Job Suite.
- Disable Goods Drop inside Towns.
- No Silk Reward for Unique kills with Job Suite.
- No Silk Reward for Auto Events with Job Suite.
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